D. John Jackson

D. John Jackson emerges as a distinguished global leader and accomplished Fortune 50 Executive, possessing an extensive background in strategic planning, engineering management, artificial intelligence, data science, and design thinking. Beyond these achievements, he holds the mantle of a best-selling author with his renowned book “What About Me,” alongside his pivotal role as co-creator and executive producer of the captivating documentary film “What About Me,” now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.  He’s both the creator and executive producer of a new documentary film titled “For Whom The Virus Tolls,” aligning with his recently published book of the same name, and they are set to be released in tandem.

With an innate flair for creativity and visionary insight, D. John Jackson occupies the role of a film executive producer, strategist, futurist thinker, and a globally sought-after speaker. His expertise spans an eclectic array of subjects ranging from leadership and world history to STEM education, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, economics, and the dynamics of global competition.

At the helm of his brainchild, 5J Entertainment, he stands as the driving force and CEO. This enterprise is unequivocally committed to the empowerment and enlightenment of audiences through diverse media forms. 5J Entertainment serves as a profound storytelling conduit, unearthing the latent and riveting human interest narratives, while shedding light on the unexplored and crucial stories that resonate with our world’s fabric. In an era where such stories might remain untold, D. John Jackson’s commitment to education, information dissemination, and the proliferation of positive imagery stands as a testament to his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication.

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John is an energetic, informative, inspiring speaker. He seeks to make people think about things differently. His goal is to enlighten, encourage, and motivate his audiences.

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Media Coverage for D. John Jackson and What About Me: Walking the Tightrope as a Black Man in America

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